AHH Movie Review: 21 & Over

Debauchery, utter foolishness, over the top outrageousness, yes it’s all there in the fun new film by Relativity Media, 21 & Over. Written by the same individuals who wrote The Hangover, 21 & Over is a tale is a tale about young college student named Jeff Chang (strangely referred to by his full name every time he is mentioned in the movie) who is coerced by friends to go out and party on his birthday instead of preparing for a big interview set up by his extremely strict father – which happens to be the next day. And of course Jeff’s friends win out and the trio go out to various bars around the campus getting smashed on some Y.O.L.O trip, which is all fine and dandy until Jeff gets drunk beyond all comprehension and his two friends forget where he lives. Unable to take him home so that he can rest and prepare for his early morning interview, they set out to find someone in the school that can help them obtain Jeff’s address – and this is where all Hell breaks loose in the movie.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soslVJpEdig&w=560&h=315]

Naturally one of the friend’s is reserved and tries to use a bit of logic in his decision makings, while the other is the typical obnoxious a**hole who is the cause of all the problems and shenanigans in the movie (much too similar to other characters in movies like Project X or even Stiffler in American Pie).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m73TfVbI2P8&w=560&h=315]

21 & Over has it’s big hits and misses in the movie and it’s often too predictable because it’s a movie that’s been made before. The movie also carries a heavy anti-responsibility theme which goes beyond drinking and having fun for the night. It’s one thing to promote the idea of having a blast on the day that you officially become an adult, but the idea of dropping the idea of becoming a doctor or a businessman to just do whatever the hell that you wish was a bit of a disappointment. But messages aren’t why you are there to see this particular type of movie. It’s all about the outrageous gags that make you laugh out loud or gross you out and if that’s what you feel like seeing on a particular night, by all means go see 21 & Over and buckle your seat-belts for a wild ride.

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