Hip-Hop Rumors: Frank Ocean Sneak Disses Rihanna And Chris Brown?

Now, that Frank Ocean may not be pressing charges, but it seems that guy has a way of being passive aggressive with his disses. See, there is this thing called Tumblr and it is a blog that’s sort of like Twitter. You can like blog posts or re-blog them. Well, Frank’s blog is popular and a lot of people follow it. So, people were a bit shocked to see that he had “liked” a picture of Rihanna after Chris Brown beat her up brutally. Nobody really knows if it is a fake or not, but right now they are taking it as real. I don’t know, but I could see dude harboring some angst against Breezy since he and RiRi have something in common. I don’t know. Peep the screen shot. More CB / RiRi Rumors below….



Rumor has it, Deelishis actually jumped out of a window to avoid the rage of her drug dealing ex boyfriend. Reminds me of the rumors about Erick Sermon.

In 5 years, Rihanna says she wants to have a baby with Chris Brown.

Rihanna has added new security. No, it has nothing to do with Chris Brown and everything to do with her crazy fans, one of which attacked her recently.

Idris Elba has left the acting game for a bit to focus on his music.

A reason not to get that tat so fast per Iggy Azalea.

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