Honoring 25 Years of Style: UNDRCRWN “Team Zamunda” Collection

Everyone in Hip-Hop loves the classic Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America. If you don’t like it, you’re trippin because the movie was an absolute CLASSIC.  From the knock off McDonald’s called McDowell’s to Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate’s performance, Undrcrwn pays tribute to one of the best comedies in the world.  It was 1988 when two young Zamundian’s ‘Came to America’ in search of a queen.  The result? Their impact is still felt 25 years later as Undrcrwn honors 25 years of their fashionable legacy by outfitting streetwear heads in the “Zamunda All Stars” capsule this Spring. The new collection is being sold exclusively at: www.SHOPUNDRCRWN.com.

Check out some pics of the classic new Spring line from Undrcrwn below: 

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