Chief Keef Released From Detention, Grandmother Hints He May Not Be Baptized

(AllHipHop News) After serving 60 days in Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center for probation violation, Finally Rich rapper Chief Keef is finally free.

According to the Chicago Tribune, upon exiting the detention center, the 17 year-old gangster rapper was greeted by family members, supporters and his baby daughter.

Also accompanying Keef was his uncle carrying a garbage bag full of notebooks, presumably full of lyrics.

The controversial entertainer was sentenced to 60 days at Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center on January 15th by Judge Carl Anthony for brandishing a firearm in an July 2012 interview with Pitchfork.

The man, born Keith Cozart, was serving an 18-month probation for pointing a gun at a police officer.

Reports came out of Keef tearfully pleading with Judge Anthony to not sentence him to juvenile detention.

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While away, Chicago’s rooftop pastor Corey Brooks said he would baptize the troubled teen sensation at his church, The New Beginnings Church. However, Chief Keef’s grandmothers told that there is a chance he could ditch the whole baptism:

“That’s his old neighborhood pastor. There’s no telling what he told Corey, and if he’ll do something different. But Keith’s little sister says she wants to go with him. And my oldest son says he wants to get baptized again, too. … We’ll see what Sunday brings us.”

He may not be swimming in a Christ pool anytime soon but he is not wasting anytime diving back into the music scene. Coinciding with his return was the release of his new music video for “Now It’s Over” off his upcoming mixtape Bang Pt. 2. Keef is also scheduled to perform at Ray Ban’s SXSW 2013 showcase in Austin, TX on Sunday (March 16th).

Bang Pt. 2 is scheduled to be released on April 1st.

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Check out the video for “Now It’s Over” below:


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