Hip-Hop Rumors: A$AP Mob Fight? Chris Brown Dumps Rihanna?

I don’t know a lot about A$AP Rocky and the crew. I know they run pretty deep, especially in New York. But its not limited to just New York. Harlem is jut the hub.

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OK, lets get to the point. These dudes are on the internet, specially twitter, saying that they beat up the A$AP Mob. I don’t know who is in the mob. But, I know they have beef with Space Ghost Purp and he’s one of the dudes saying that there was a fracas. My name is Willis and I ain’t in this. But a bunch of people are on twitter saying that there was a fight! I think I’ll leave it alone. But, I have been told that A$AP Rocky is not on that drama stuff anymore. I’m hearing he’s a man of peace and positivity. No lie.

But, these dudes talking a lot on Twitter.


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The word on the street is that Rihanna has finally concluded – to the glee of feminists – that Chris Brown is not good for her. This is what she has realized, they say. Remember recently a doctor told her that she better change her life or her health would continue to suffer.

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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