Scarface “Scared To Death” to Release An Album, Scraps “Mac & Brad” Album

(AllHipHop News) You look at Hip Hop 25 years from now and it’ll be rewritten. It’ll be some little suburban white kids now.”-Scarface in FuseTV Interview

Scarface has never minced words in his 20+ year career and remains as candid when discussing the future for Hip Hop with FuseTV.

It has been five years since Scarface released his eleventh album Emeritus, which he constantly referred to as his final solo album. In the interview with Fuse, the man born Brad Jordan speaks on how the changing hip hop landscape is making his hesitant to release new music, including the long delayed collaborative project with Beanie Sigel, Mac & Brad:

“In all honesty, man , I want to drop an album. But, I don’t want it to get lost in the wash. Hip Hop is bumper to bumper now. Everybody got a record company. Everybody putting out albums. “

Check out the rest of the interview where Scarface discusses the possibilities of a Geto Boys reunion album, recording on Beyonce’s Houston All-Stars remix of “I Been On” and more:


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