Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Pops Off At Chris Brown! Wow

They sure are dragging this out.

He’s really twisting the knife with this Rihanna stuff. He and Ray-J should do an album! He said the following to Eliot “YN” Wilson:

“His insecurities are the reason I make better music than him. I’m more popping than him…At one point the woman he loves fell into my lap and I did what a real ni**a would do and treated her with respect.”

Drake also said:

“It’s not me and Kendrick, it’s not me and Hov. You’re not gonna get anything out of it. I don’t want to hear that man rap. No one wants to hear me rap against him. I really do this shit. You’re not even going to get anything out of it.”
I guess he’s not taking too greasy, but it sure sound disrespectful even though he’s saying he treated Rihanna with respect.


Looks like Stacey Dash has very little to do these days. She apparently has a major problem with Jay-Z and Beyonce and how they appropriate their funds. Namely, she’s talking about going to Cube and the like. And, while Jay and B are not above criticism, I’m thinking Stacey needs to STFU with her fine a$$. Does she really want to monitor where Jay and B spend their time and money? Well, I’ll do that for her, if her time is with me and her money is one me. Other than that GTFOHWTB, ma.


Lupe Fiasco says he lost endorsements and paper over his Obama comments and criticism.

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