Soulja Boy And Brandy Join Google Glass Test Club

(AllHipHop News) Bad boy rapper and sweet singer Brandy have been selected to be a part of the new Google Glass initiative, according to reports.

Google revealed its #IfIHadGlass campaign about five weeks ago and people were told to respond with the hashtag about how they’d use the landmark technology.

Google Glass is essentially a computer that users wear on their skull. It acts a lot like a smart phone, but the hands-free device receives commands though voice messaging.

The contest picked 8,000 people based on their hashtag and the winners have already been notified. Most of the winners appear to be pieced randomly, but several prominent people were brought into the fold.

Along with Soulja Boy and Brandy, actor Neil Patrick Harris, politician Newt Gingrich, Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley, Foodspotting’s Soraya Dorabi and Reuters editor Anthony de Rosa.

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