AllHipHop Teams Up with Hittmenn DJ’s for #LoudPackTour IV

In today’s world of Hip-Hop, not only do you need to know how to market yourself online, but you also have to be in the streets, and on the road touring as well.  By combining an online and offline presence, many artists are finding success and are developing a buzz and a fan base. The state of the game has changed, but the grind hasn’t and the #LoudPackTour showed that most recently as the AllHipHop teamed up with the Hittmenn DJ’s for an incredible tour run through the south.

Taking 6 artists from different parts of the country, AllHipHop teamed up with the Hittmenn DJ’s to document the process of the these artists getting their records spun, doing meet and greets with the DJ’s and meeting fans in 10 different markets all within a few hours of Atlanta.  In short, if these artists want spin in Atlanta, they have to be able to capture the surrounding markets like Birmingham, Huntsville and Montgomery, Alabama and cities in Georgia like Macon, Augusta, and Columbus.

Using Atlanta as a home base, the @MonsterCable, @DoloClothingCo and @mixsho_net sponsored tour ventured out to the aforementioned cities and returned to Atlanta after each date.  Artists signed up on the tour were given the opportunity to build relationships with Clear Channel and other urban radio stations in those markets, providing each artist with an opportunity to get radio spins and other promotional opportunities in the future.

“The #LOUDPACKTOUR was founded in 2009 and was designed to help and support artists in achieving that next level of stardom. The goal is to help artists create a brand and a fan base simultaneously, while the music is presented to new demographics and markets across the country,” said Kasper founder and president of the Hittmenn DJs.

For more info on the artists participating in the tour check out  the following Twitter pages: Wyld (@wyldsworld) from Virginia, V.I.P. (@KPaul and @PimpinPen) from Austin, Texas, Crix Green (@crixgreen) from New Orleans, Louisiana Young Snead (@sneadamg) from Atlanta, Fly Ty (@iamflyty) from New York, and Dat Guy (@whoamidatguy) from Palm Beach, Florida.

While this is only brief glimpse of the tour, take a look a the LOUDPACKTOUR VI Spring Edition [RECAP 1] and tune in soon for more updates and interviews with the artists on tour. 

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

#LOUDPACKTOUR VI Spring Edition [RECAP 1] from @Sevvyn on Vimeo.

[vimeo w=500&h=281] & present the LOUD PACK TOUR 2013 from @Sevvyn on Vimeo.

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