Lil Wayne Suffers Another Seizure

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne has been hospitalized again for seizures, according to reports.

TMZ has reported that the Young Money rapper was taken to the hospital last night by a bodyguard for a seizure.

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The incident occurred in Los Angeles. The 30-year-old rapper was released this morning after receiving treatment.

Wayne revealed earlier this year that he has long suffered with epilepsy and it nearly killed him in March after he had several back-to-back.

He was in the hospital’s ICU unit for six days.

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49 Responses to “Lil Wayne Suffers Another Seizure”

  1. brotha_man

    I cant wait to this trend of hip hop goes away (YCMB) wayne thinks he is tony hawk / blood
    nikki thinks she is a Japanese barbie
    drake thinks he is an gangster, who seems to think that we like his cosby sweaters

    • WhatupJ

      Exactly. Love or hate him we should hope he gets his crap together and gets well cause if not hes a dead man and he does not have to be at all. Who cares about his job, hes a person and wishing pain and death on people is simply wrong. Some people on AHH have a brain/morals, this is serious crap hes most likely going to have more seizures because he seems to be not taking it serious enough.

  2. dayleedumped

    damn another one? seizures are pretty serious.. its nothing to joke about. if you would ever seen your family having a seizure you wouldnt want anybody talking jokes about that shit

    • WhatupJ

      Yeah i have epilepsy so i feel you. Its scary, random, and really scary for the people having to watch the person having the seizure. Luckily ive just had a few, but i feel bad for my lil bro having to watch me spazz out and look like im dying. On a real level Wayne needs to control himself and get on the proper medication if its actual epilepsy and not just seizures caused by withdrawal or overdosing. If you leave it unchecked its an absolute death sentence and a quick path to brain damage. Wayne ain’t taking this serious enough, he shoulda been on the meds and then he could of avoided this seizure. You probably know cause you sound like you have seen/have family or friends with it, that the more seizures you have the more serious and intense they become. They consistantly get worse and worse and your brain cannot take to many seizures, especially in a short time. A Seizure is electricitiy arcing between two lobes/sections of your brain and literally fries your brain matter. One of the scary symptoms post-seizure is a smell of flesh burning. Or something close to rubber burning. That lasted a week or two, and is apparently the brain being fried. I dont understand how Wayne isnt freaked out about this, if you’ve had one its something that will smack you into reality real fast. I hope all your friends and family that may have epilepsy or seizures are taking care of them and doing good because its not something anybody needs, its a scary thing to have over your head 24/7 and its randomness is one of the worst parts. I doubt the people around Wayne are thinking about his health on a proper level, 6 days in the hospital for a seizure means something very very very serious happened and they are monitoring you for brain damage/problems.

    • dominicancoke

      Only a loser celibrate the misfortune of a person you dont even know personally and who has done nothing to you

  3. YaheardSyndicate

    Julez Santana and Waynes new album “Harlem Shake” coming soon… .ha that ones for Emmit Till too

  4. Knowledgeiswhatsup

    Wayne was cool when it was Cash Money and the Hot Boyz, but after he went all Illuminati on us and started dissing his own black people for the Jews and their plans, he deserves to bite the dust. I won’t miss this Lil Wayne, but i’ll miss the “Drop it Like it’s Hot” and “Bling Bling” Lil Wayne.

    • gukibupytew

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    • PeoplePlease7

      If those two coons died today, the Black community overall would be better off. It’s the truth….

    • WhatupJ

      Maybe its f*cking drug use. Remember that shit? If they wanted to kill someone seizures arent a for sure thing, most of the time if you have help you are fine. Plus why are we so sure the Illuminati is real and making moves. Wouldnt a bullet be way easier than somehow giving someone a seizure with some injection or something.

      • Knowledgeiswhatsup

        Well, for the fool, your think shoot em! For the highly intelligent (the elite) a bullet means murder. I heart attack, cancer, brain aneurysm, seizure or anything seemingly natural seems – natural. Why do you think CIA and FBI hits are not gunshots most of the time? They want the person dead but they don’t want the public knowing that someone killed them because then people want to know why and who an demands justice. This is why they get flunkies like Conrad Murray to kill Mike. The Illuminati are the Jews and their puppets. I just use that word so people understand.

  5. killajing

    dam man just think bout rap after weezy yea he may not be looked at how he used to but throw one of them old dedication mixtapes in and ull rember y we the fans put him in that top spot and yall will miss the nigga fa sho

  6. Pedro Matos Jr.

    I’m sorry I’m not a Dr. but I don’t buy that these seizures r due 2 epilepsy. Given his history of drug use & hectic schedule I think that’s what’s 2 blame. Think about it Wayne has been in the game since he was a pre teen not once in all those years did u hear a peep about seizures or epilepsy. IJS

    • WhatupJ

      I think you hit on to something, this is public relations/lawyering and a coverup. Listen if it was a Overdose the lawyers/his PR would of course say it was a medical condition instead of admitting him doing something bad/illegal. That has been done thousands of times when it comes to celebrities, admitting drug use hurts their chances or endorsements. Lets say its a legit epilepsy, i have epilepsy for real and its a completely controllable medical condition. Meaning if he had these seizures from a medical condition (epilepsy or pre-epilepsy)the first seizure he had he would of been put on a specific drug (dilantin) and also have an emergency drug (ativan) for stopping a seizure because most people with epilepsy have an actual symptom before a seizure (for me its incredible terror/fear, for no reason and sudden). If you take the ativan you can prevent it from triggering, and the last thing you want to do is lay down or try to sleep in any way as it will trigger the seizure. Taking the Ativan pill is the very same thing they do to you in the Emergancy room, the only difference is its in a pill form opposed to an IV in the ER (First hand, been to ER for pre-seizure sh!t). All im saying is i agree with you, if this was a medical condition he would not of had another seizure so soon (or ever if he is taking the medicine right, its just pills a day its not hard to take you can take all at one time). You mess around and get blood tests to make sure you got the right amount of dilantin in your system, and then once you find the right amount to take you will have enough dilantin in your system 24/7 that you CANNOT have a seizure. Now since he had another one, it really points to him having seizures because of withdrawal or overdosing. At his age he would of had a seizure before now (not in all cases but it is rarer to start at age 26 or 28, i dunno his age). Dude most likely has had several in his sleep and not connected the dots yet or admitted it. The only thing you can tell is that you bit the crap out of your tongue (you dont swallow it either, dont put shit in the dudes mouth if hes seizuring).

      Guy should check into detox, which is hell but he needs to, after 5 days he will be straight enough to move forward. You aint getting him into a sober inhouse type of situation but you can do outpatient crap to help, though im sure being in the music industry gives you incredible access and temptation to drugs and alcohol (who knows, im just guessing). Plus didnt wayne do so much cough medicine he had to get a new set of teeth before he went to jail? I swear he had to prevent going to jail for like a week to get teeth cause he had to take out his grill and his teeth were all dead/decayed. This aint real epilepsy, its a cover up, you are dead on. I’d bet money if they did blood work he had lots of illegal drugs in his system. Could just be alcohol or cough syrup, he even could have epilepsy but these specific seizures are drug induced im 90% sure. He had insanely intense seizures if he had to be in the hospital for 6 days. I had 2 of them in under and hour, one for 2 min (VERY LONG for a seizure according to the doc) and the other more like 60 seconds. I had like 20 minutes in between these seizures where i was talking and making sense, but i dont remember any of this. I just remember lying down, feeling like i was struggiling in a dream (being held down), then waking up feeling totally fine in a hospital bed. It was pretty weird, but even tho mine was intense i still didnt have to spend more than 4 hours in the hospital. For him to be there 6 days suggests to me he was detoxxed off narcotics, or his seizure was so severe he fried his brain badly and they had to keep an eye on him because he could develop brain damage or of course die either by frying the brain, crashing while driving, or just falling and smashing your head open. Detox is 5 days, i dunno why else he had to be there for 6 days, either way it must of been serious and this one is probably as bad if not worse. They for sure got worse and worse for me, last one i had i remember was basically as long as i can be in a seizure and be somewhat safe from brain damage or other problems.

      Sorry for writing so much, seizure just very personal to me and i think you got a good point that this is not epilepsy but something he is taking or doing to himself. Or he has the worst neurologists doctors in the world which i doubt with the money he has im sure he had top guys. His drug use is at a level where the consequences are much more sudden and serious. Once you start having seizures they arent gonna magically stop happening, its the opposite they are going to get worse if left unchecked which is what it looks like hes doing. Ross had a seizure, im sure from something he did, and did the proper shit and obviously did what the docs said and hopefully is doing better and doesnt have another seizure. I wouldnt wish that on anyone, its bullshit cause it can happen suddenly (sometimes) and when sleeping.

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Thanks 4 the 411 homie glad 2 hear from someone who has more expertise on the subject than me. Like I said somethin ain’t right wit the whole epilepsy story I’m glad u can back me up on this with firsthand knowledge. Anyway glad 2 hear u have ur epilepsy under control take care of yourself bruh.

  7. churchboy2

    When reading this it just occurred to me:
    I wonder if Wayne was to die (and we all will sometime), will people remember him as being a better rapper than he is (the way other dead rappers have been).
    Your thoughts…

  8. Mike Swiff

    (yawn) Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us, all we ask is you let us do it your way!

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