AllHipHop x Hot 97 Summer Jam Ticket Giveaway Contest , Test Your Summer Jam Knowledge

June 2nd is less than a month away and AllHipHop and Hot 97 want to reward a few lucky fans for their Summer Jam knowledge with tickets to Hot 97 Summer Jam XX. Hot 97 and AllHipHop will ask 20 Summer Jam-related questions.

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Fans have until May 16th to submit answers to Answers will be revealed daily starting Monday May 6th.

Here are the questions:

11. Who was the first white rapper to headline? 

12. What year did Jay-Z diss 50 Cent? 

13. Which R&B group got booed at Summer Jam?

14. Which artist took a jet from London to perform on Summer Jam Stage?”

15. Which rapper fell off the stage while performing with Busta Rhymes at Summer Jam?

16. What’s the entire line up of the first Summer Jam ever in 1994?

17. What year did 50 Cent walk off the Summer Jam stage mid-performance?

18. Which artist contacted HOT97 to perform a tribute song for Biggie in 1997?”

19. Who had the most cameos during one Summer Jam?

20. What year did Kanye bring out Jay-Z?

Tickets for Hot 97 Summer Jam XX on June 2nd can be purchased at Ticketmaster.

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