Jenny, The Block Is Hot: Gun Shots Fired Near Set Of New Jennifer Lopez Video

(AllHipHop News) The block got a little too close to Jennifer Lopez for comfort on Sunday(May 5th). While shooting the new music video for her song Live It Up” with Pitbull nearby gunshots were heard and police arrived at the scene.

The gunshots began during an interview Lopez was having with  Entertainment Tonight‘s Rob Marciano:

The shooting occurred at the northernmost point of the Ft. Lauderdale Beach Park where the music video was being filmed. Interestingly enough, no evidence of a shooting at the park.

Lopez was escorted off the set once the gunshots were heard.

Rumors have begun circulating that producers for American Idol desperately want to bring the former judge back for the next season.

The former American Idol judge is planning to perform the “Live It Up” single on American Idol‘s season finale on May 16th. 


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