PepsiCo To Meet With Emmett Till’s Family & Al Sharpton

(AllHipHop News) The family of Emmett Till will get the chance to address their concerns with officials of PepsiCo face-to-face today (May 8) . Civil rights activist and television host Rev. Al Sharpton will also be present at the meeting after asking the soda company to speak  with him and the family about the recent controversy involving Lil Wayne.

Sharpton released a press statement on the issue through his National Action Network last week:

I have been in conversations over the last several days with leadership at PepsiCo and the family of Emmett Till we intend to meet next week. This has been a “teaching moment for Lil Wayne, corporate America and the family of Emmett Till yet more than a condemnation of any one artist, it is an affirmation of Emmett Till and a call for more sensitivity about what we say and do in our culture. National Action Network does not want it to end with artists losing contracts but rather with a sensitizing of corporate America so we can learn from these experiences and set a tone that will help everybody. It’s in that spirit that we go forward to meeting with PepsiCo next week.

Wayne began receiving public criticism earlier this year for a line in the song “Karate Chop (Remix)” that made a comparison between the violent death of the civil rights icon and a sex act.

Wayne eventually made a statement directed to Till’s family, saying that he would “like to take a moment to acknowledge your hurt.” The family rejected the letter expressing that they felt the statement was not a real apology and vowed to continue to lobby companies with ties to Wayne.

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Eventually, PepsiCo made the decision to end its endorsement partnership will Wayne. The YMCMB rapper had been a part of Mountain Dew’s (a subsidiary of PepsiCo) “Dew You” campaign.

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Mountain Dew’s connection to Hip-Hop artists took another blow last when the company had to pull an ad featuring Tyler The Creator. The commercial was deemed as racially insensitive and misogynistic by some.

According to the A.P., Sharpton and the Till family’s sit down with Pepsi will take place at their corporate headquarters in Purchase, New York.

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35 Responses to “PepsiCo To Meet With Emmett Till’s Family & Al Sharpton”

  1. bravosxodus

    Of course Al Sharpto wants to hold a press conference about something that has nothin to do with him. Wayne apologized like the family demanded so they should just move on. Im sure he has said worse ober the course of his career , where was sharpton then ? Dude is a buster and always has been. Besides if the Till Family really cared that much about civil rights they would’ve been front and center during the recent rash of civil rights fuckery… They weren’t. They are looking for a payday so is punk ass al sharpton.

    signed Anti Sharpton Blackman .

  2. TruthHurtsDontIt

    Why is Sharpton involved?? That self promoting leach has been much more of a cancer to the Black community than a cross dressing fake gangsta who made a dumb reference in a song ever could be.

  3. Burkart Tom

    They should thank li wayne just for keeping his name relevant.He´s a rapper that raps about a million things in one song I don´t mean he meant it in a bad way.Think when it was Eminem our Mac Miller.If they want to start taking endorsemnt deals away from rappers look at 50,Puff,Jay-Z,Snoop,and all the rappers lyrics(murder,assaults,degrading women,degrading cultures,degrading the ghettos,and on and on.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol smh @ these youngsters and thier whole obsession with being “relevant” … not every tom d*ck n harry are worried about being relevant in 2013 …

      • lox

        Yet look at all these old niggas tryna keep themselves relevant by staging fake beef (Naughty, mobb) and signing w young niggas (Busta) hopping on trap beats (Fat Joe, Nore, etc) Fukk outta here old nigga

  4. TruthSerum

    The standards of modern society never cease to amaze me. Lil Wayne promotes drug use more then any other mainstream rapper I can think of, and Pepsi Co. never had a problem putting dude on……. But this situation, thats not the image they want to represent, lol……..Be a junkie all you want kids, drink Lean till you have a seizure, mix it with Mountain Dew it tastes great…….. But dont say something offensive to Emmet Tills family, thats a no no and goes against our sense of morality.

    All due respect to the Tills but the that line is one of the least harmful things Lil Wayne has ever said, he hurts society more by promoting rampant drug use to his teenage audience but these fools were fine with writing him checks to sell their sugar water all the while.

  5. hoeyuno

    I’m sure this will end with a nice donation to the till families charity. It really wasn’t right how pepsi did Wayne tho. I mean did they listen to any of his music before they did a deal with him. I haven’t but whatever video I do stumble into isn’t exactly filled with joyful messages. Fucc Pepsi!! Coke taste better anyways..

  6. hoeyuno

    So that 16 year old girl in florida who’s getting tried as a adult for a science experiment isn’t a better place for Sharpton right now????

  7. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    gotta remember these corporations arent like your entourage they aint gonna yes man you to def … which isnt always a good thing but in this case it was …… but i hope this really impacts the person who started the ruckus cause pepsi really has no controll over lil waynes music … having a sit down with out him present is kind of a moot point … not to center him out but more of a center out the root cause so the next lil wayne will think twice …. and it aint like wayne was expressing his freedom speech here he was voicing his freedom of ignorance and @ a commercial level some things arent tolerated …

  8. notsogangsta

    tyga has a line in his 187 mixtape about how he would die for his hood like trayvon martin. reebok shoulda dropped him too

    • brotha_man

      he should. if there is one thing that we need to respect as blacks, that is the movement and trayvon martin is now included along with Jena 6, and any other black figure that tried to transform black america into something better. as black people there are certain thing that should be off limits and making negative references about black leaders and political movements are some of the few.

  9. bigphill

    I don’t know why people hate on Sharpton, he is as real as it gets……at least someone has the nerve to stand up and do something while everyone else sits back and just talks about it. The longer we (all people) sit back and just let people do and say anything…the more our society becomes a product of its own foolishness. Thank God for people like Sharpton, Dick Gregory, Chuck D ect…..we need more of that. And self-promotion isn’t his #1motivation, but if no-one knew who he was how effective could he be? You don’t have to agree with everything he says, but give the brotha credit.

  10. BossBeaux

    Al Sharpton = Rev. Rollo Good love be on the look out for his new talkshow on BET smh at that negro

  11. Charlie Kelly

    my god wayne is goofy looking. he reminds me of that guy in the wheelchair in “dont be a menace in south central while drinking your juice in the hood” well how he sounds is lil gayne to a T

  12. Helenofreims

    “Publicity they need “Black consumers to contaminate there beverages deter health diets besides. Little Wayne is typical not giving a damn didn’t say Black first time frame respected. Disunity Hip hop biggest enemy of independent “Blacks” Mrs. Till was success and Emmett whom inspired to become engineer not convict as of today Hip hop rules yeah!

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