Kendrick Lamar Says He's Inspired By Kanye West, Calls 'Yeezus' Title Genius

(AllHipHop News) Kendrick Lamar is one of the hottest young emcees in Hip-Hop today, but the Black Hippy member still looks to some of the old heads in the game for inspiration.

K-Dot sat down with MTV’s Sway Calloway recently and revealed he appreciates the way Kanye West rolled out his new single “New Slaves.”

Rather than releasing a traditional music video or even premiering the track on radio or online, West projected a video of the song onto 66 buildings around the world.

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“That whole marketing scheme is crazy,” said Kendrick. “It’s very inspiring. After a while you get to a point in Hip-Hop where certain tactics get watered down. How much music can you release on the Internet to get it hot? How many singles can you put out? How many videos can you possibly do?”

Over the weekend rumors began to swirl that Kanye’s upcoming 6th solo album will be titled Yeezus. While some may see this as a controversial name for the performer’s LP, Kendrick co-signs Kanye’s creative license as an artist.

“That’s that creative Kanye genius stuff out the box,” says Kendrick. “It’s art. It’s Hip-Hop. Whatever way is his way of being creative and getting his message across through that album, that’s the culture. Period. So, I can’t wait to hear it.”

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Watch Kendrick’s MTV interview below.

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