Charles Ramsey Offered Burgers For Life After Saving Kidnapped Women, Refuses Free Burgers

(AllHipHop News) It is truly impossible to properly compensate someone for saving lives but lifetime access to burgers would seem to be pretty close. Not for Cleveland, Ohio’s Charles Ramsey, who was offered such by over a dozen local restaurants after helping save kidnapped women on May 6th.

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Ramsey never explicitly refuses the burger offers but hints that he attributes this honor to an odd sort of copyright infringement according to a statement he released via his attorney, Patricia Walker:

“I never told these people they could use my name for this.”

On May 6th, Charles Ramsey broke down the door to Ariel Castro’s home after hearing screaming and a woman pleading with him to help release her from the home. The women,  Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were held captive for years unbeknownst to neighbors.

In numerous internet instant classic interviews, Ramsey details how the rescue attempt occurred and frequently has mentioned he was eating at McDonald’s at the time of the discovery of the trapped women. This prompted the restaurant he works at as a dishwasher, along with a dozen other Cleveland-based eateries to offer Ramsey free burgers for the rest of his natural born life. The Cleveland Plain Dealer spoke with owner of the restaurant group that attempted this generous effort:

“We are saddened to hear that Chuck did not take this – or the offer of so many Cleveland restaurants to give him free meals – in the spirit we intended,” Scott Kuhn of the Driftwood Restaurant Group said in a statement

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