Hip-Hop Rumors: Love And Hip-Hop Star Gets BeatDown By Co-Stars! Zino Gets Revenge!

I don’t watch too much reality TV, but when I do, its “Love And Hip-Hop ATL,” because they are destined to be one of Black History’s darkest moments. Over the weekend, it seems that one of them got beat down totally! Karli Redd, the chick known for willingly sexing Zino, allegedly got beat up over the weekend. K. Michelle and Joseline Hernandez allegedly attacked Karlie at the Atrium night club in Atlanta. Seems like Karlie was performing and then the attack happened and there is supposedly a video of it all coming down the pipeline. Oh, guess who video taped it? Yep! VH1. I’ll let you speak on that!

SOURCE: http://tattletailzz.com

Oh, on the other side, Benzino is following in Ray J’s foot steps and has released a video with a Joseline look-a-like. Remember, that’s Stevie J’s main piece. Zino should release a song called “I Hit It 100th.”



They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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