Brilyent Offers Path For Fashion Forward Trendsetters!

Fresh. Innovative. Youthful. Ambitious. Brilyent!  These are all words that describe the new brand that’s next up to take over the fashion game!  Originally a skateboard, trendy inspired clothing line based out of Los Angeles, California- Brilyent has gained major buzz & following, expanding nationally with its quality snapbacks, graphic tanks, and script baseball tees.

Brilyent was created in Summer 2012 by a young, west coast duo, who merged their love for fashion & graphic design to create the cutting-edge line which celebrates the go-getters of today’s generation. Their line launched in Hollywood Hills, CA at a mansion party and has since gained nationwide acclaim; landing advertisement in Entertainment Weekly & gaining hip hop admiration through recent collaboration with Compton rapper Problem.

Brilyent is more than just an avant-garde new line, it’s a movement promoting the acquisition of success through individual brilliance. Designers Kevin Tonkin & Sean Sullivan are adamant about getting their message across & connecting with today’s generation, quoted saying:

“We’re here to showcase the individuals who are “Brilyent!” in their own way. The kids that chose to skate instead of study, write music instead of homework. This is for the ones who make it to the top by not following everybody around them.. and have a lot more fun getting there. ”










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