Saudi Prince Rapes And Kill A Woman And Dump Her In Broad Day?

This is crazy! I have heard of diplomatic immunity, but this is definitely going too far! Apparently, this Saudi prince was trying to get with a woman and the woman turned down his advances. He allegedly grew upset and took what he wanted without her permission – her body and her life, according to And, its all on “tape.” But, the hook is: he probably won’t see any legal punishment.


The report:

Legal immunity is one thing, but some things just go too far.  Police in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia have confirmed that a girl was r@ped and murdered by a Saudi prince.

Witnesses in Samer, a Jeddah suburb, saw the girl’s body being dropped out of a car that drove away from the scene on May 30.  The people who saw the girl wrapped her up in a blanket and called police.  When police arrived, they realized the girl had died.

The plate number for the car was captured by the police surveillance system, and that is when they realized that the car belonged to a Saudi prince.  The man accused of this horrible crime is Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud  The man met the girl at a shopping mall and she turned him down.

According to police, the girl was then kidnapped by a friend of the prince’s and taken to a place where she was harassed.  When she tried to get away, that’s when they r@ped and killed the woman.  He then stripped the woman’s clothes and dropped her out into the street.

Witnesses are also saying that they saw the prince’s body guards put the woman into the car.  There is no word yet on how police plan to prosecute the crime.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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