An intellectual discussion highlighting some catalytic moments of the past 40 years.

Taking place during The BET Experience Weekend June 29, 2013, The J-Spot Comedy club will host a live Hip-Hop panel discussion with top media professionals and artists who have given us some of Hip-Hop’s most monumental memories over the past 40 years. AllHipHop.com will live stream the series of 3 panel discussions covering topics including politics, big business, accountability and the woman’s role in the Hip Hop landscape. With moderators and artists that span the course of the 40 year old culture, Hip-Hop’s elite will debate the Hit’s and Misses of the past 40 years while engaging over 200,000 followers in the social media community. Join the conversation with the hash tag #40YHH

As a part of the J-Spot Experience Weekend, Comedy legend J Anthony Brown has opened his door’s for the formal discussion that will host 150 special invited guests to partake in the discussion.AllHipHop.com founder Chuck Creekmur will serve as a guest moderator and will be joined by an esteemed group of his peers to tackle issues of the past and discus where the future of Hip-Hop is headed.


Chuck Creekmur (moderator) Founder of AllHipHop.com
Shake Rattle & Roll: How has the Message to Fight the Power changed?
Hip Hop has been delivering messages to the White House since Eazy E got invited in the 90s, but have the political statements of artists like Kanye,(Bush) Diddy (Vote or Die) Jay-Z (Obama) been beneficial to the hip-hop agenda? How has Social Media influenced the change?

Adrian Scott (moderator) HAS HIP-HOP LOST IT’S WAY?

Kendrick Lamar is a standout lyricist in a new generation of hip hop artists, but can he or anyone from his era, carry a generation such as a Nas who still remains relevant doing adult contemporary Hip-Hop.

Poetess( Moderator) Reach Around Radio/ MTV

Women’s role in Hip-hop
Women as sex symbols vs just being artists why isn’t just talent enough?
Taking it beyond hip hop~ Queen Latifah, Eve, MC Lyte, Nicki Minaj have all parlayed their hip-hop careers beyond Hip-hop from movies to endorsements

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