Hip-Hop Rumors: Illseed’s Quickies: Future, Tim Dog, ASAP Rocky

I know some people may be getting sick of Tim Dog, but HEY, I’m getting new information all the time. I’ll update ya. I’m starting to think that Tim Dog is either dead or hiding from everybody. And when I say everybody, I mean everybody. That includes his friends like Kool Keith of Ultra Magnetic. I’ve been told that investigations show that Keith and them have no idea where Tim is and if he’s alive. Also, they weren’t with him when he recorded that new song.

On to the next…FUTURE

So, it looks like Future may have a tough future if there is any truth to the rumors. Now, remember I told you there is a price for safety out there in the West Coast. Pay and you get that pass. Seems like the boy Future may need to pay his dues and fast.

“Sunday night in L.A., they almost got him at Greystone night club. The Crips ended up beating up dude’s security ‘Rasco,’ and the club helped Future to escape.

Future has to pay his hood taxes and he doesn’t want to. He can’t go to Chicago because they’re looking for him out there too.”


A$AP Rocky has been getting some flack for apparently slapping fire out of a fan that hit him on the top of his wig piece. Nothing formal has a been announced so I think he’ll be OK, but check the vid.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7RydQ_VlpY?feature=player_embedded]

This was in Sydney, Australia.


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