Smoking Gun: Trayvon Martin’s DNA Not Found on Gun Grip

(AllHipHop News) The Trayvon Martin murder case has been anything but an open and shut case but might have just received its most definitive evidence yet. According to Florida Department of Law Enforcement DNA expert Anthony Gorgone, Trayvon’s DNA was not found on the grip of the murder weapon nor was George Zimmerman’s DNA found under Martin’s fingernails.

As an attempt to counter, the defense attorney Don West questioned Gorgone on the packaging of the DNA samples, implying that improper packaging could lead to inaccurate results. Gorgone asserted that the evidence was packaged in plastic while wet and retained all necessary qualities.

In addition to this damning evidence, Florida Department of Law Enforcement analyst Amy Siewert testified that due to residual material and tearing on Martin’s clothes, it revealed that the gun was pressed against Trayvon when fired.


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