Hip-Hop Rumors: Essence Music Festival Awards


How crazy is this? The dude LL went bonkers at the Essence Fest and brought out some real Hip-Hop on the stage out there. He rocked for the ladies, but brought EPMD out there. I heard it was crazy to see all the ladies loving real hip-hop in addition to the love jams LL has. I heard some of the ladies were loving Cool James too much. Hope his wife was there!

Trey Songz apparently hurt or broke his ankle out there performing. Not sure what happened, but he was being rolled around by Kevin Hart so it could be a joke. Trey’s face looked all kinds of tore up though.

Beyonce seemed to have broke all attendance records at the Essence Festival. People say there were people hanging from the ceiling.

Some say it was a Black man’s dream, but also a lesbian’s too.


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