Kanye West Fell Asleep In The Crowd During Lebron James' "The Decision"

(AllHipHop News) Not much can hold the attention of a musical genius who changed the landscape of Hip Hop three times in less than a decade. On the three year anniversary of Lebron James’ horribly irresponsible  memorable The Decision, a former ESPN studio stage manager reveals that Kanye West not only attended the event but fell asleep during it.

The former studio stage manager for ESPN, Courtney Cox, told Fansided that before the festivities really began, Mr. West was already knocked out:

At the biggest non-sporting sports event in a while, Kanye West fell asleep before anyone announced anything. He was doing the church/school head nod and everything. Wake up, Mr. West.

Kanye also left well before The Decision was over.


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