Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown And Rihanna's Legal Woes Mount!


Chris Brown. Rihanna. These two seem to be indelibly connected. And, not they both have legal matters to tend to.

First. Chris Brown is looking to be in major trouble, as the State of CA is looking to revoke his probation rooted in the beat down of Rihanna. But the revocation is because of an alleged hit-n-run. Peep what TMZ reported.

According to the [court] docs, obtained by TMZ, the D.A. is asking for the revocation based on charges being filed against Brown in connection with a hit-and-run last May. Brown left the scene without forking over a California driver’s license and proper insurance info.

The D.A.’s legal docs claim Brown “willfully and unlawfully” broke the law in the hit-and-run case. And, law enforcement sources tell us, even if the L.A. City Attorney ultimately agrees to drop the hit-and-run case because the victim doesn’t want Brown prosecuted, the D.A. will press on because Brown has a duty to obey all laws as a condition to his probation.

The D.A.’s documents asks the judge to revoke his probation and immediately remand him into custody. But we’ve learned that’s a standard request and when the D.A. goes to court today at 1:30 PM PT, they will not ask the judge to haul Chris to jail.


Peep what they are reporting over at Rhymes With Snitch is saying:

Last year Rihanna filed a lawsuit against her former financial advisers claiming they cost her millions of dollars [click here if you missed that].

Now Berdon LLP wants RiRi to pay big bucks for refusing to show up for court…

According to reports Rihanna has blown off court date after court after being ordered to sit down for a deposition in the case.

The last straw for Berdon LLP was spending over $100,000 to set up a deposition in London, only for the pop star to blow off the meeting again.

Berdon LLP wants the case dismissed and Rihanna fined $100,000 for wasting their time.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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