Underground Effects Artist Of The Week: Joey Bada$$

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After Joey Bada$$ breaths life into the mic with his lyrics, the stage is left in flames. This artist has been on the rise for a while now but it feels like he just stepped into the ring yesterday. With Joey’s recent quest to study and learn from some of the greats within the Hip Hop realm, he has only gotten better in the booth.

He’s becoming one of the artists to beat, and the issue with that is, most of  his colleagues are out here getting arrested and making headlines for stupid nonsense that has nothing to do with their music. However, young Bada$$ is making music and turning out quality tracks  hand over fist. Thus making his headlines about his craft! So while his fellow artists are too busy not checking out their young competition properly, Joey is not only making new fans, he’s taking fans away.

He is mos def a problem!

Check out the latest joint from Joey Badda$$ below!


And here’s another!


Be sure to keep up with Joey Bad A$$ on Twitter: @joeyBADASS_

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