Rick Ross Comments On DJ Khaled’s Marriage Proposal To Nicki Minaj

(AllHipHop News) DJ Khaled’s marriage proposal to Nicki Minaj was a strange development in the world of hip-hop this week but Rick Ross has encouraged Nicki to accept the offer from the popular Florida-based spin doctor.

Even though he’s close with Khaled, he told Power 106 that he had no idea it was going down.

“It was some chatter going around, but I can’t say that I knew, but it was some chatter,” Ross told Los Angeles’ Power 106 host Rikki Martinez.”Time to sit that a** on his lap.”

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The initial video proposal was aired on MTV and replayed through various blogs and websites. The 10-carat ring has been valued at roughly $500,000. Some have theorized that the proposal is a hoax, Ross said otherwise to Martinez. “He has a ring valued at about half-a-million dollars,” Rozay reasoned. “If they tie the knot, I have to most definitely represent like a boss.”

At press time, Nicki Minaj had not commented publicly.

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63 Responses to “Rick Ross Comments On DJ Khaled’s Marriage Proposal To Nicki Minaj”

  1. $11625525

    And she would marry him, why? Are they even having a sexual relationship? Can Khaled even see his pee pee without a mirror anymore?

  2. hoeyuno

    Strange. I can’t picture Nicki in a burka tho.I guess you can’t blame the guy for trying. especially if they don’t have a relationship already. Could be the most ballzy turndown ever

      • hoeyuno

        he’s Muslim. I doubt he’s anti America knock the towers down Muslim.. it was a joke though.

      • obamasuxass

        Whats he do that makes him Muslim? If a Muslim aint doin the basics of Islam (praying 5 times a day, fasting in Ramadan, paying zakat) then that persons Islam is under questioning. Some scholars say a person who aint even praying 5 times a day aint no Muslim. Actions speak louder than words.

      • EDOGZ818

        It’s not up to the scholars or any one else to question one’s piousness or Muslimness? That is between them & Allah / God.

        The scholars should know that!

      • obamasuxass

        Thats a weak argument. We Judge by whats apparent according to Qu’ran an Sunnah. Scholars do not just say things they have evidence to back up what they say. There are hadith that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) tells us whoever abandons Salah is a kaffir (Disbeliever).

      • EDOGZ818

        The Haddith doesn’t over ride the Qurn, so where in the Quran does it state that one, other than GOD / ALLAH is the judge what is in one’s heart?

      • obamasuxass

        The Qu’ran and Sunnah of Prophet (PBUH) go hand in hand. You can not just go by Qu’ran. Whoever does that is not Muslim. Of course we first look in to Qu’ran if we want an answer to something but if we don’t find it in there we look at hadith of Muhammed (PBUH) and if we do not find it in there then we look to the Sahabah (Companions of Prophet). If Muhammed (SAWS) says the one who abandons prayer is a kaffir then that is Truth because non of the Prophets ever lie.

      • Malik

        “Of course we first look in to Qu’ran if we want an answer to something but if we don’t find it in there…”

        What? Blasphemy!

        The Qu’ran is all encompassing.


        This is the 1st statement you come across upon opening the Qu’ran.

        And I do agree with you that he who abandons Salat abandons the religion. For it is written that your deeds belongs to you but your Salat is for Allah Subhana Watala

      • obamasuxass

        Blasphemy how?? Does Qu’ran tell u how to make wudhu? how to perform salah? NO! We get this from hadith of Prophet (PBUH).

      • obamasuxass

        Its all good I think you took what i said the wrong way. Ramadan Mubarak akhi wa alaikum salaam

      • EDOGZ818

        “And I do agree with you that he who abandons Salat abandons the religion. For it is written that your deeds belongs to you but your Salat is for Allah Subhana Watala”


      • EDOGZ818

        Ok, but if any contradict the Quran….the Quran over rules it, true or false?

        “You can not just go by Qu’ran. Whoever does that is not Muslim.”

        So you’re the guy that decides who is or isn’t a Muslim?

      • obamasuxass

        I dont know what you are getting at but the Prophet (PBUH) Never contradicted the Qu’ran and was described by his wife as a living Qu’ran.
        What a lame comment about if i decide who Muslim or not. I do not decide who is Muslim but every Muslim knows we do not just go by Qu’ran. EG. if you only go by Qu’ran you would not even know how to perform salat or wudhu. Also Allah commands us to follow the Prophet Muhammed, how would a Muslim do that if they only go by Qu’ran? So yeh that would nulify a persons Islam. This is very basic and every Muslim knows this.

      • EDOGZ818

        So if a person has no Haddith or Quran, they only know that there is 1 GOD & that Muhammad is his messenger & they submit to the will of GOD ( Which we do daily regardless ) they aren’t a Muslim…?

        I’m no scholar, but if the Quran allows you to eat pork in an emergency, I’m pretty sure it allows for all types of Muslims.

      • obamasuxass

        Do you know such a person who has not got Qu’ran or Hadith but believes in 1 God and the Prophet (PBUH)? How do u link eating pork in a case of neccessity to allowing for all types of Muslims? Thats a whole different subject.

      • EDOGZ818

        Of course, in simplistic terms, a new convert that is also an inmate in the U.S.

        I think it’s very rare for one to have a Haddith & Quran. The brother jacked me for my Quran 20 yrs ago, sent it to him in the justice, back when prisoner rights was just the name of an ACLU booklet of court decisions. To this day, I can’t get it back & I see every time I visit him, as it is on display, as his home’s center piece…even though it is semi tattered & battered.

        Is he less of a Muslim for not having a copy of the Haddith? (*On Hand?)

        There are many exceptions or situations that we as men can’t comprehend because we have never experienced them, so it isn’t for us to judge, lest we be judged, and the judge in which we judge, we shall surely be judged.

        >>In Tupac’s voice : “Only God can judge me!”

      • obamasuxass

        You couldn’t just go an get another Qu’ran in them 20 years??? What I mentioned about Islam is the very basics. You do not need all the hadith to know the basics because you can learn this easily nowadays. Even if u an inmate nowadays u have access to library and other Muslim brothers be in prison that can help etc. Plus knowledge comes from God so if a person truly is seeking knowledge for good then God will make it easy for that person to gain knowledge.
        And why u askin me if he any less of a Muslim for not having the hadith? Why ask me that? When I said what makes a person kaffir I did not say its someone who has no hadith, I said if that person ONLY goes by Qu’ran and rejects Prophet (PBUH) hadiths by not believing in them. Know the difference.

      • EDOGZ818

        Of course, I’ve had & have different Quran’s, as did he, but that Quran is as special to me, as it is to him. (*Different reasons?)

        Ok, understood on rejecting, but isn’t there a sect of Muslims that differentiate from the Prophet?

      • obamasuxass

        Yep there is. You must of heard the hadith or read about there will be 73 sects in Islam and 72 will be for the hellfire.
        Shia have sects within themselves also. They are deviant and misguided. They curse the companions of Prophet (PBUH) and his 2 wives. (Aisha (RA) and Hafsa (RA). They also practice Taqqiya meaning they hide their true beliefs around Muslims. They reject Imam Bukhari book on hadith. According to some scholars there is 1 sect within Shia though that is within the bounds of Islam. I personally do not associate with them nor do most people I know..

      • EDOGZ818

        I haven’t read that Haddith, nor do I have access to it, unless it’s online, but again, with the Shia’…not for me to judge, but…I don’t fuggz with them either.

        I heard they are off the hook.

      • obamasuxass

        AHH moderatin my reply. Its a famous hadith. You see all the stuff poppin off in syria well they are some nasty shia alawite.sect. They actually worship bashar al assad and they slaughtering the true Muslims. Since the syria stuff happened all the shia are comin out and supporting there shia brethrins in syria an doing some brutal inhumane things against Muslims.

      • EDOGZ818

        The rebels are U.S. backed…… Coincidence?

        Good look on the IslamQA.

        I’ll check for it!

      • obamasuxass

        USA always backs evil. Only time they back anything good is if they can gain an then they end up stabbing the good in the back.

      • EDOGZ818

        You know I know & I can tell by your screen name that you been knew. I do want your opinion on Shahid / Martyr, since in theory, suicide is against Islam.

        Kick the knowledge upon that…..

      • obamasuxass

        You tryna get a brother detained at the Bay! LOL

        I aint no scholar but if u want my opinion well here it is. Firstly Islam strictly forbids to kill women, children, elderly and anyone who is not involved in war. What you see on TV with these suicide bombings on some random building I think is done by the government. (False flag ops).Plus its the west that has given it its own label called suicide bombing. I remember reading how they do in illegal israel by killing a Muslim Palestinian then strappin a bomb to him and blowing him up in a car somewhere an screaming terrorist attack.
        As for what you see goin on in the war torn Muslim Lands who do attach a bomb and blow up the enemys tank or base or whatever, well all i have to say is May Allah accept their intentions. It is not something I have knowledge of in that situation. Salaamu walaikum.

      • obamasuxass

        google ISLAMQA it will answer alot a Q’s u may have

      • obamasuxass

        Oh yeh and they beat themselves crazy every year to mark the martyrdom of Prophet (PBUH) grandchildren. They beat themselves crazy man like some are extreme an use knives to cut themselves with.

      • obamasuxass

        Oh about your lil comment on the towers, more evidence to say usa and israel were behind it to start this war on so called terror which they losing cuz not everybody is so dumb.

      • hoeyuno

        O for sure. cause of 9/11 nsa can spend all the money they want on the security and military because now there is a “real threat”.,I just think it’s fugged up how both towers were ashes in a hour. and there gonna tell us there was no explosive system…n@#ga please!!!

  3. RichFromBX

    sorry, but that chain is ridiculously unnecessary…if it’s real only a dumb-ass would put money like that in to a piece and if it’s fake you’re a b!tch for frontin’ to that degree. I swear rappers and athletes are the worse with money.

    When you buy custom made jewelry like that it’s not an investment in precious metals and you’re going to get raped when you (they) have to sell it to pay the mortgage/rent…the diamonds don’t lose the value as much as the gold (sometimes). What these guys don’t realize is the cost in the labor to create a piece like that and the smelting cost to melt it down…they’re never going to get what they paid back regardless of the currently price of gold.

    he’s some advice for the young cats – if you have the extra cash to spend on jewelry skip the chains, bracelets and just buy bars of a metal and keep them in a safe deposit box…that’s where you’re going to be able to make money on an investment in to precious metals…

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