Matt Damon Didn’t Know Eminem Was Originally Chosen For His Role In ‘Elysium’

(AllHipHop News) Eminem has been a faux superhero, Michael Jackson, an aspiring rapper named after a cuddly animal and so much more in music videos and movies. According to director Neill Blomkamp, the Detriot MC would have been saving the world and fighting cancer in 2154 if he had it his way.

Blomkamp informed Wired that Eminem was originally chosen to play the role of Max DeCosta in the upcoming sci-fi flick Elysium. However, plans fell through when Eminem had one stipulation: the film has to be shot in his hometown of Detroit.

Matt Damon was eventually chosen to play the role and did not find out about how close Eminem was to having his role until long after shooting ended.

“I never asked Neill,” Damon told MTV News “I just found out about Eminem because I read it somewhere.”

Elysium is in theaters next Friday, August 9th.

Check out the trailer for Elysium and picture Eminem where Matt Damon is:


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