Nas Comments On Kendrick Lamar’s “King of New York” Claim

(AllHipHop News) Without question, Nas is one of the rappers that Kendrick Lamar looks up to, but now the Queensbridge, New York legend has commented on Compton upstart’s claim to be “The King of New York.”

Nas spoke to Ms. Info of Hot 97 at a Hennessy party and talked about the controversy.

“Wow. My reaction is wow. I love hip-hop right now. … Certain fans like certain eras of rap, certain fans are not up on certain eras, so they don’t really remember all of them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, KRS-One, MC Shan and all the way to Busy Bee. This is what hip-hop is all about. You gotta ask [Kendrick what he meant]. I’m a listener.”

Nas admitted he was working on a new album.

Check out the video below.


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