Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Scrappy SCRAPPING?!, Aaron Hernandez On PCP!

I am hearing that Lil Scrappy is in some sort of trouble again. It seems the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star was arrested last night at a gas station in East Point. The crazy thing is, he was fighting with one of his boys. The cops were called in and I am hearing that Scrappy has officially violated his probation. Remember, Scrappy had to go to Rehab for WEED, after his pee tested dirty. Now this could be way more serious than just failing a drug test, since the rapper was booked for assault and some other charges. Yesterday, Scrappy kinda dissed his ex, Erica on Twitter yesterday at the same time he shouted out his new boo thang, Bambi Johnson.

Damnnnn Aaron Hernandez was wildin’ out. Rolling Stone did a deep investigation into Aaron Hernandez, and found out some crazy stuff. They said that the guy has been paranoid the last year, all because he has been smoking weed laced with PCP..aka that SHERM and just that PCP. The drug made him so ‘noid that he carried a gun with him all the time and rolled with some serious gangsters. When he was a kid, his mom cheated on his dad with a violent drug dealer, then after his dad died, she moved the guy in! The Rolling Stone episode is supposed to come out in September.

I found this funny. Instagram has banned a bunch of hashtags, some for obvious reasons, others, it’s not so clear. There are some funny ones that they have banned like #curlyheadedf**k and #Classyb**ch, but others I am not so sure. There are some hip-hop related hashtags that didn’t make the cut on Instagram too. #F**kTyler (I think it’s Tyler the Creator, but maybe it’s someone else), #b**chdontkillmyvibes, #bubblebutt and #bigbootyhoes are all banned. Ohh by, the way today is #SexualWednesday.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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24 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Scrappy SCRAPPING?!, Aaron Hernandez On PCP!”

      • DJ7

        In DC that is the drug of choice for alot of clowns…watching them make fools out of themselves while on the water is a deterrent in and of itself…just last night I witnessed a clown literally trying to have sex with a parked van…a parked van yo…that’s the sh*t you promoting as cool? Nah kid, I’m good!!!

      • Charlie Kelly

        that guy trying to bang a van is an idiot, an idiot who smoked wet, when an idiot drinks beer a drunk idiot bangs a van… dont blame the shady water…. its beautiful

      • DJ7

        I hear you b.u.t. I’ll pass…that was just one of the wacky incidents I’ve seen these cats do…trust…there’s plenty more…DC is short for Dipper Capitol….this particular incident just so happened, last night.
        *side note*
        I got a brotha I’m acquaintances with that says he prefers dippers over trees…I ask him why???? He says because when he smokes dippers, it puts him in a state of mind where it’s just him and GOD…everything else around him is stuck in time…freeze frame, like in a movie….I looked @ this brotha and said …”For real B, with practice, meditation will give you the same effect and overall better for you, health wise”…he said…”Nah Black, you just have to try it for yourself to fully overstand what I’m saying, this sh*t is way heavyyyyyy”… right there I had to cut him off, not only because he sounded like the dude from American Gangster b.u.t. because as he was talking, he pulled out a stick with the intentions of sparking it up to hand to me and I told him the same thing I just said to you…”I’m good son…I’ll take your word for it…do you…just be safe fam…holla @ me when you return to planet E”….gave em a pound and was audi 5000

      • Charlie Kelly

        oh yeah the freeze frame, i call it the lil big world, you feel like your a foot tall and everything else feels like its skyscraper… good for movies…

      • hoeyuno

        hahaha was it a nice van at least???? I seen a dude trying to give mouth to mouth to a dead(flattened) crow that was ran over by a car.

      • greenhouse records

        And they wake up in Debos pigeon coop or eating someones intestines and brains. ijs

      • hoeyuno

        I didn’t say drugs and alcohol were all stupid, just pcp. I got my own demons. but pcp is fucced up cool guy

  1. Dubz

    So, Lil Scrappy is wifen up Bambi…who was on the show sleeping with Benzino?…is it hard for these dudes to talk to girls or do they just go for the nearest jumpoff they see?

  2. MrNoName2K

    Simply put, Scrappy is a herb and Aaron Hernandez is a dumbass. Tha hell you gonna just pitch $40mil out the window..lol..anyhoo..Raiders 2014, quote the raven my niggasssssssssss

  3. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    bambi is looking for a come up so of couse she was “there” lol ijs dont fall for the antics man we just seen this chick slobbin down benzino !! come on son !!

  4. ItGoesDownINtheDM

    “When he was a kid, his mom cheated on his dad with a violent drug dealer, then after his dad died, she moved the guy in!” <—- smfh i feel for dude ouchea we need some real woman in the world to uplift the real men in the world !! stop up lifting the filth ouchea !!

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