Hip-Hop Rumors: MGK Goes IN On A Dude On The Street After The VMA's


I guess this is the downside to fame. MGK was in New York, just doing his thing after the VMA’s. He was out with his crew when he ran into a bunch of mean dudes from the Bronx. For whatever reason, they decided to get at MGK and his crew right on the street, in front of all of his security! I even think I see MGK’s lawyer rolling around in the background. Anyway, this dude calls MGK out. Machine Gun Kelly is far from a punk though yall. He got back at the dudes and was ready to fight. When the camera cut off I heard MGK spit at the guys too. If MGK and them hadn’t fed into it, we wouldn’t even be talking about this.

Check it out

MGK should have handled it like Martin:

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