Hip-Hop Rumors: "Queen" of Twerk Says Miley Needs "ASS Studies"!!!

Miley Cyrus’ twerk fest with Robin Thicke during the VMA’s has gone to a whole new level. Miley has drawn the wrath of Big Freedia, the Queen of Bounce. For those who don’t know, Big Freedia is a dude who has been in the New Orleans bounce scene since 1999. But homie rolls with a twerk team called The Divas who show everyone how to twerk that thang properly. I am not sure how Big Freedia calls him/herself, so here is what she/he said:

“They don’t have the moves down, but that can be fixed. Unfortunately, Miley’s performance was offensive to black culture –and certainly the portrayal of black women was questionable. She needs African-American and some ass studies. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach people about our culture though, and I just hope people dig beneath the surface of the word.”

Word to Hampton.

Yo Big Freedia is blowing up to yall. There’s a new reality show about to come on Fuse called “Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce.” The show comes on Wednesday, October 2 at 11pm and will take a look at the New Orleans bounce scene.

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