2 Chainz To Girlfriend: What Type Of Guy You Think I Am Buying Coach Purses? (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News)  After appearing at Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal improv show last week (September 6th), 2 Chainz wants one thing to be crystal clear. He DOES NOT buy women Coach bags and will get VERY offended if you imply he does. Or atleast that was his explanation to his girlfriend he  retold to the packed crowd at the UCB Theatre.

During his appearance, 2 Chainz retold a story of a girlfriend he once had who accused him of infedility due to some information she became privy to some guy. According to 2 Chainz, the information she provided was seemed accurate until one hurtful allegation that crossed the line:

He told her she know all about his stomach problems. He be needing her to bring him stuff to the studio. Say he was fitting to buy her a coach purse. URRRH! That’s how I knew it was some bullsh*t. I said just listen to the story. You know me, the type of dude I am..I ain’t buying no Coach.Coach purses are about $400.

The UCB Theatre performers turned this story into comedic gold with scooters, non-talking verbalizing and sign language.

Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal is every Friday at 9pm at the UCB Theatre on 153 East 3rd St at Avenue A. 

Check out the story and performance below:


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