Charlamagne Tha God Talks Mr. Cee Controversy, Says Gucci Mane Scary Because He Killed Before

(AllHipHop News) Give a verbose personality like Charlamagne Tha God a forum to speak to the masses and you will get entertainment. Charlamagne Tha God participated in Reddit’s Ask Me Anything series and fielded a variety of questions from fans.

When asked if Gucci Mane was as scary as his public perception suggests, the Power 105 host had no qualms in expressing his genuine fear of Gucci:

Gucci is scary because he’s killed someone before I don’t know about you but murderers scare me.

He also took time out to denouce the message expressed in Kanye West’s Yeezus track “New Slaves”. According to the veteran radio personality, the term “new slaves” is incorrect as people of today have more choices than slaves in the 19th century:

First of all I hate the song “New Slaves” because their is no such thing as a “New Slave” Slaves in the 1800′s didn’t get the opportunity to make millions of dollars off their talent. In fact slaves didn’t have a choice of wanted they wanted to do they were forced to work in those fields. If you don’t like being a part of corporate america and you feel like you are a quote on quote “Slave” QUIT. Find something else to do.

When the questions finally got around to the elephant in the chat room, Charlamagne was surprisingly diplomatic in his analysis of rival radio station Hot 97’s Mr. Cee’s recent admission of sex with cross dressing men:

What announcement? I think it’s interesting and opens up another conversation about what is homosexuality? Are you gay if you get head from men repeatedly? Because he doesn’t identify as gay. It’s interesting.

Check out the full AMA session at Reddit.

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