Mr. Cee Has First Video Interview Since Coming Out About His Sexuality (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Mr. Cee has been called every name under the sun by anonymous internet commentors, his peers and more after sharing his sexual history with cross dressing men last week. Yesterday (September 16th), Mr. Cee held his first video interview discussing the controversy surrounding him as well as give information on sexual protection in thsi Aids Health Foundation public service announcement.

In the video, Cee attributes the Hip Hop community aversion to bisexuals and homosexuals as to why he kept quiet about his sexuality.

The legendary DJ says he is exercising his “human right for sexual freedom” and teamed up with Aids health foundation to start a “new sexual revolution.” AIDS Health Foundation is a Los Angeles-baseed non-profit organization which provides HIV prevention services, testing, and healthcare for HIV patients.

AHF offers free and confidential STD testing and treatment locations. Find your location at

Check out Mr. Cee’s full video interview below:


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