Hip-Hop Rumors: A New Strange Beef For Rick Ross!

Rick Ross is the truth and guess what? He’s not afraid to speak his mind to anybody! Most recently, he dropped a bomb and said that he’s got beef with – of all people – Jimmy Kimmel. Guess why? He didn’t like the way he clowned Kanye West. And, he went at Kanyeezy fa’ sho. But who would think that Kanye would make Rozay burn a big bridge like that.

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He told MTV:

“I really didn’t watch all the interview. I just saw some of the Jimmy Kimmel s**t. F**k Jimmy Kimmel. You know we riding with the culture. So, Jimmy Kimmel he ain’t welcome here no more. You understand it? People who cross that line they not welcome no more. But as far as Kanye, I just love his passion. And I feel anybody that love what they do you gotta respect someone that is that passionate about what they do because homie a hundred mill you can just sit back and really don’t give a f*ck, but he actually cares about the culture. He puts that much passion into it.”

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AllHipHop’s Grouchy Greg & Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, Chaka Zulu of Disturbing Tha Peace, T.I., Jermaine Dupri and others were honored down in ATL over the BET Hip-Hop Awards. It was a great event with performances by Ludacris, T.I., Tela, Bone Crusher and Chubb Rock. Scarface was supposed to be there, but was not for some reason. Jermaine Dupri was also supposed to be there but wasn’t. Suddenly, people are like JD got too fly for his people. But, JD told the truth. He was working with Mariah Carey in LA and now he is her manager! That’s an interesting turn of events.

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