DJ Quik Offers “Top Dollar” Cash Reward For Stolen MPC

(AllHipHop News) DJ Quik is in an intense search for one of his most prized possessions in his prolific production arsenal: MPC 3000. Quik announced on his personal Twitter account that his MPC 3000 had been stolen last Friday (October 11th).

Quik informed his 140,000+ followers on Twitter that he is willing to compensate the person who recovers his limited edition MPC 3000 in “undamaged conditions” rather well:

Bruce Forat is a legendary producer and co-founder of Forat Electronics in California. Bruce Forat was instrumental in the Forat F-16, one of “the first digital samplers tailored towards drum machines with midi capabilities” according to the official Forat Electronics website.

DJ Quik has spoken highly of the MPC drum machine brand in the past and called the MPC 3000 “one of the greatest drum machines ever made” in an interview with BeatTips.

Check out a picture of the stolen MPC 3000 and a video of DJ Quik explaining his relationship and history with the MPC 3000:




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