Hip-Hop Rumors: Check Out What Timbaland’s Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife Wants Outta The Deal!

The divorce rate has hovered around 50% for the longest, but it seems to be going up up up more recently – especially in the “game.” Looks like Timbaland is next. According to TMZ, the famed producer has lost his wife to the epidemic called divorce. The pair have been married 5 years, but in a relationship for close to 10, she says. So, she maintains, she deserves all the rights and privileges of a decade old marriage. And, she wants him to pay for their 5-year-old daughter as well as one from her previous relationship. HUH? This chick is just throwing up a hail mary. Additionally she wants alimony, life insurance, private school, vacations, summer camp and a new kitchen sink (just kidding). She seemingly wants retroactive alimony, because they have been on the outs for sometime now…and permanent alimony. For a 5 year marriage? Lastly, she wants a lump sum of money to get things going.

Timbo is worth a reported $80 million.

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