Louie V Gutta On Being Robbed: No Reason To Involve The Police

(AllHipHop News) During a 2007 interview on 60 Minutes, Cam’ron once said he would not go to the police even if he knew a murderer lived next door to him. Louie V Gutta is following a similar mentality after being robbed at gunpoint of $40,000 worth of jewelery outside an Atlanta Waffle House on September 30th.

Louie V Gutta, real name Vincent Lamar Robinson, informed Philadelphia Daily News that he would not involve the police in investigating his robbery. There’s no reason for the police to be involved,” says Robinson “If I heard on the streets tomorrow who did it, I wouldn’t go to the police.” The Dreamchasers Records artist even goes further to saying he does not wish jail time on anyone involved in the robbery:

That kind of stuff happens every day. It’s unfortunate this time it was on me, but I don’t want nobody locked up behind it. I don’t really live by that.

While Robinson is against police involvement, Sgt. Gregory Lyon, an Atlanta Police Department spokesman has stated that an investigation on the robbery is underway, however he claims the police are “having a hard time reaching the victims”

Robinson seems well acclimated to criminality as last December he took to his personal Twitter account to reveal that him and a few of his associates robbed rapper Tone Trump of his chain and assaulted him:

No word on if the two incidents are related.

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