FBI Informant Accused Of Killing Lil Phat Appeared With Him In Reality Show Pilot (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The case surrounding the murder of rapper Lil Phat has more twists and turns than an episode of Law and Order: SVU. The latest revelation comes in the form of video of accused killer and FBI informant Mani Chulpayuev appearing with Phat (born Melvin Vernell III) weeks before the rapper was gunned down in an Atlanta hospital parking lot in 2012.

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WSB got access to the footage of a television show pilot featuring Chulpayuev. In the clip the owner of a luxury car rental service can be seen introducing Phat to the camera and calling him “one of his good customers.” The former Russian mobster claims the video is evidence that he had no ill will toward Phat and had no reason to kill him.

Authorities believe Phat was murdered in a killing-for-hire plot over stolen drugs. Four other men, including Chulpayuev’s business partner Decensae White, were also charged in Phat’s killing.

Chulpayuev is accused of providing GPS information of the car Phat was driving to the hired gunmen, but he has denied any involvement with the shooting. It was revealed last month that Chulpayuev was an active federal informant tasked with gathering information for suspected drug dealers.

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Watch the WSB news report below.

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