Kanye West Explains Bringing Jesus on Stage, Illuminati, “Corporate” Voice + More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West is back doing interviews again and that means more polarizing soundbites have surfaced. In a recent interview with San Francisco The JV Show. 

According to Kanye, his wife-to-be Kim Kardashian even had her questions about him portraying Jesus on stage, which Kanye answered in a way only Kanye West can:

I had a friend of mine that is a pastor there as we were discussing how we were going to do it. My girl even asked afterwards “isnt that weird if Jesus comes on stage or something like that?” No we do plays all the time where people play Jesus. What’s awesome about Christianity is that we are allowed to portray God.

One of the major debates that arose from Kanye’s portrayal of Jesus was his portrayal of the biblical figure as a White man. Kanye used that controversy as a point to finally address the constant implications of him being apart of the Illuminati.

The distractions are working. They try to distract your talking about some ‘That’s Illuminati’. Do anybody know what the Illuminati is supposed to be? What are you talking about right now?

Check out the three parts of the interview below:




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