P. Diddy Debuts RevoltTV From Notorious B.I.G Childhood Home (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Love him or hate him, P. Diddy probably has made the most influential power business moves in Hip Hop in the modern history. Two decades after founding Bad Boy Records, P. Diddy went to the steps of Notorious B.I.G.’s childhood home to unveil his latest business venture, RevoltTV.

From the steps of 226 St. James Place in Bedford-Stuyversant Brooklyn , Diddy recited a few lines from Notorious B.I.G.’s iconic hit “Juicy” before crediting the late great rapper with

Biggie and I had this dream. We set off on a journey together. He was my partner. He was fearless. He inspires me. And today, Biggie will help to launch REVOLT. Today, that dream becomes a reality…This is not my network, this is your network.

While new programming is promised to be added to the burgeoning channel, RevoltTV already offers a few innovative original shows. REVOLT AUTHORIZED Live is advertised as the first live-created music video playlists on television and will be curated in real time.

Check out Diddy debut the new channel from the steps of Biggie’s childhood home below:

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