Ja Rule Preparing Cookbook on Microwave Recipes From His Prison Life (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Ja Rule is turning the old adage “making something out of nothing” into an instructional manual on how to cook hearty meals with limited resources. Thanks the limited resource offered to Ja Rule while in prison, the Murda Inc rapper announced that he is writing a cookbook based on the

Ja announced the as-of-yet untitled cookbook on Geoffrey Zakarian’s SiriusXM show, “Food Talk” and explained how the recipes will be mostly microwave-based.

Speaking with TMZ, Rule also spoke on the food in prison and his creative ways of making it bearable  which ultimately led to him creating this cookbook:

[The food inside] is not too good but you get packages and stuff like that. You can eat pretty good. You can eat decent enough. I ate everything. In jail, they’re pretty crafty. We made lasagna, we made cheesecakes, we had lots of things. I really didn’t eat prison food.

Check out Ja Rule speak on prison food and more with TMZ below:

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