Former “The Wire” Actor Starts Anti-Bullying Hip Hop Campaign

(AllHipHop News) Actor Tray Chaney is perhaps best known for playing “Poot” on HBO’s classic drama The Wire, but the Maryland native is now taking on a new role. Chaney is promoting a statewide campaign to prevent bullying, and he is using Hip Hop to get his message out.

Chaney has been delving into Hip Hop for several years. He created his rap song “Mike Bully” as a way to connect with young people about the issue of bullying. He filmed a video for the track and has performed it at several schools in his home state. His appearances speaking with local students has helped break the perception of his drug dealing character from The Wire.

“As soon as they see me, they may automatically think Poot,” Chaney told WJZ. “But, no. That was just a character. That was just an illusion. This is the real Tray Chaney that’s trying to give you all something positive.”

Chaney’s positive approach will also extend to a future safe sex campaign as well.

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Watch the video for “Mike Bully (Stand Up For Our Future)” below.


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