EXCLUSIVE: Kidd Kidd Reveals Business Advice From 50 Cent

(AllHipHop News) G-Unit Artist Kidd Kidd spoke with AllHipHop.com as he prepares to release his EP Street Fame.

The rapper has been on the East coast with G-Unit boss, 50 Cent. Kidd Kidd is with 50 to promote Street Fame, while 50 has been on the road promoting his new movie “Escape Plan” with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

“I went to the screening with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone and all the famous actors,” Kidd Kidd told AllHipHop.com. “It’s a dope movie y’all got to go check it out, there’s no escape.”

In addition to helping him raise his profile, Kidd Kidd said 50 Cent, who is one of Hip-Hop’s wealthiest artists, has been giving him invaluable business advice.

“‘Don’t f**k up.’ No for real the best advice he gave me, was be yourself. Don’t let nothing change you. Being me is the reason he f**ks with me in the first place. He just told me ‘do you and work hard.'”

“Escape Plan” earned almost $10 million at the box office over the weekend.

Check out the first part of the exclusive interview with Kidd Kidd below:

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27 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Kidd Kidd Reveals Business Advice From 50 Cent”

      • E McArthur

        why? they have thisis50 and I”m sure that keeps them in the game without really needing to be in the game….they have access to everyone…

      • vandyll

        Yea all that is true my man but what have they got that is really doing well as far as music releases? I actually don’t like or dislike 50 I’m indifferent. I just don’t see any movement from that G unit brand. Dood tried to just smother very NY rapper on his rise to fame. But now that he can’t get it popping there are NO hometown rappers on top to reach down and help pull him back up.

      • E McArthur

        (i’m a chick) true…him and Jay should’ve rolled together like the people at the top do in other cities…

      • vandyll

        Oh my bad pardon me for assuming you were a guy. But yea exactly if he would have done like other regions there would be a helping hand for him right now. But I guess he was all about the conquer, which he did masterfully. But now there’s nothing left but the waste and carnage that he created. So in the end I don’t see how this guy is gonna do good on G Unit. All the other original G unit members are on the back of milk cartons.

      • grabo2003

        Please help me out by pointing the so called rappers at “top” that can help pull a three hundred million dollar 50 cent “back up” ! Lmao. Please school me. I will wait.

      • vandyll

        I think your missing the point it ain’t his net worth that’s in question it’s his ability to be relevant musically. There’s no denying his money and business moves outside of music but that wasn’t what the conversation was about. A lot of people today equate success with money, that’s so not true. You can make a fraction of what someone does and be happier than them. That nigga 50 been dying to have that next hit, every time he do an interview he talk about how he “gonna go back the real 50”. WHY? because he was selling records and was on the radio daily. So even though he is far more financially fit than when he started he still wants that buzz he had when he first popped. He got a good website, great businesses, and I’m sure he still getting royalties from his label, plus residuals from his own music. It ain’t about that 300 million my nigga, not at all. If it was he would just quit making music, But he can’t can he? WHY?

      • grabo2003

        But u still haven’t named the so called “top” rappers that can help Fif. Every artist is looking for the next big hit not just Fif but everybody. Radio is very biased these days they not playing more artists rather ts a handful from say mmg, ymcmb affiliates but that doesnt mean the guys from those camps are creating hits its jus that they get more airplay. New york has been on the struggle for a minute and if we look at it Fif has been the most consistence coz he hasnt ventured too far from rap like others have tried to do dabbling in dance and too much pop.

        Hip hop fans are also to blame because they quickly jump ship to a popular fad than to be loyal to what made rap hot. I wish hip hop fans were as loyal as say country and pop fans. I dnt Fif fell off coz he has been consistant while the fans have been not.

      • vandyll

        That’s what I said my man. There are no NY rappers on top to help pull him up. That was my point. Usually when your no longer that relevant there is a person that’s popping from your area that you can collaborate with that can give you that exposure to boost up your appeal. But there are none. That nigga 50 did his best to demolish every rapper from NY that was relevant. N now there is nobody. N fans change.Your fans fickle and are usually generally close to your age especially in Rap. So when you get into your late 30’s n early 40’s so are they. The difference is now they got families, mortgages, responsibility kicks in. So they’re not gonna be as inclined to listen to that same shit you were popping at 27 years old. N to the younger fans that wanna hear that, your considered old. So that leaves you struggling for leverage. It’s nothing new it happens to every single rapper with the exception of maybe Jay cause he done reinvented himself several times.

  1. vandyll

    10 million is a lot of money…but not for a major motion picture full of washed up action stars. Harry Potter 2 made $483 million its first weekend. Avengers made $390 million even that new bullshit Indiana Jones made like $220 million all of them did this the first weekend. So stop acting like $10 million is crazy debut sales, bet it was like $200 million to make it. Phuk outta here movie probably be trash, just like his recent music.

      • vandyll

        LMAO! I don’t give a phuk about that movie, the people in it, or your corny ass. Now franchise that n spread it nationwide. “dumbass” phukouttahere!

  2. RAMADAwhite

    did he say arnold was a mayor of a town last i checked he was a governor and he’s not even that anymore. This dude is definitely smart…

  3. brotha_man

    brotha man advice to Kidd Kidd: hope u read ur contract well 2. if fif gives u a bentley, respectful decline and ask for the money instead 3. dont try to get out of g-unit early 4. *see young buck*

    • BigHomie337

      Why? 50 has never been accused of cheating niggas out their money. He just expects niggas to be loyal. He took street rules in2 the business world. U saying if u loan a nigga 200,000 and he doesn’t pay u back and starts talking wreckless u still go be tight with the nigga? Don’t answer that tho.

  4. solmon

    KiddKidd has fans worldwide thanks to 50cent.. Watch him sell at least 50,000 for the EP….on iTunes.. And he is active on twitter. I think he can do it…

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