The Next 48 Hours With Nelly Part 2

Follow Hip-Hop superstar Nelly during the album release week of his seventh album, “M.O.” Nelly’s busy schedule finds him traveling throughout New York City and Connecticut promoting his new project and Next 48 Hours documents the whole process.

In our second day with Nelly, we follow Nelly for a VH1 filming, a visit to MTV’s RapFix with Sway, signing the wall at Music Choice and a night time rehearsal for Good Morning America bright and early the next day.

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Nelly on performing for his fans

“When you can stand in front of people and deliver your music, and they can feel the energy off you and feed off you, it’s rocking, it’s just a different place.”

Nelly on his legacy

“I hope my legacy is good, I hope I’m talked about in a positive light but, you just never know, until you’re done you’re done, until how people see you is how people see you.”

This is a Tantrum Productions, and Jump Off TV collaboration.

Directed by Steve Raze.

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