SMACK & Cortez Turn Battle Rap Into Comedy At Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) SMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDDDAAAACCCCKKKK! The man that made that soundbite embedded in the collective memories of late 80’s babies, Troy “SMACK” Mitchell and battle rapper Cortez came to Cipha Sounds’ Hip Hop Improv show Take It Personal and had their explicit battle rap turned into comedic sketches.

With Cortez rapping lyrics such as “Flirting with death, I’m cheating or karma/I’m dancing with the devil, so I’m skeeting on all ’em,” the UCB improvisers on Cipha Sounds’ A Tribe Called Yes team turned those lyrics into FDA investigating drug dealers, blowjob probation and much more.

Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal is every Friday at 9pm at the UCB Theatre on East 3rd St and Avenue A in New York City’s Lower East Side neighborhood. This Friday’s show (Nov. 1) will feature Hip Hop godfather Kool G Rap and Necro.

Check out Cortez rapping being turned into comedy below:


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