Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game’s Alleged “Ghostwriter” To Sue????

This rumor is one of epic proportions. Why? There is a man out there purporting to be a ghostwriter for The Game. Yes, The Game. Now, we know Game as one of the dopest rappers around and one of the dudes that kept the West alive when it was in a slump. Now, this mystery rapper is claiming that he wrote on The Documentary, but never got paid for “Dreams.” The artist is not coming forward just yet, but is rumored to looking into his options. But, here is the crazy thing. Other than 50 Cent, nobody has claimed that The Game ever used a ghostwriter to my knowledge until now. What do you think? BS? The Truth? Insanity or so so real that your mind is blown?

No comment from The Game yet…because this is exclusively being released now.

Do you believe?

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