A$AP Rocky & Bun B Speak On Whether The South Really Runs NYC

(AllHipHop News) New York’s A$AP Rocky and Texas’ Bun B stopped by MTV’S RapFix Live, and the two rappers chatted about Trinidad James’ “South Runs New York” rant.

Recently, James told a crowd in NYC that most of the rappers from their city that is getting any major attention sound like they are from Atlanta. Harlem native A$AP Rocky sees the current run of Southern Hip Hop’s dominance in the mainstream as just part of the musical cycle that has seen other cities have their turn at the top.

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“It’s not really about who runs what. Everybody got its time,” said Rocky. “There was a time that Uncle Luke was popping, there was a time New York was the thing, West Coast, the south. Everybody got its time, but people don’t want to enjoy that until it’s gone.”

Bun’s response came from the perspective of an OG in the Hip Hop game. He reflects on Hip Hop’s origins in NYC and how rappers from other cities have helped spread the culture around the globe.

“Hip Hop left New York in the late ’70’s/earlier 80’s and went out to the world,” adds the 20 year veteran. “Once it comes back to you, you can’t be mad at how it comes back to you because you sent it out there in the first place.”

Bun also makes the point that since Hip Hop originally started in New York City, technically everyone who embraces the culture is a student of New York. He goes on to express that Hip Hop is influenced by many different regions giving Europe and Japan’s current impact on Hip Hop fashion as an example.

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