D-Roc Of Ying Yang Twins Seeks Help With Unaffordable Child Support Payments

(AllHipHop News) About ten years ago the Ying Yang Twins were one of the hottest groups in rap music. Popular songs like “Whistle While You Twurk,” “Salt Shaker,” “Wait (The Whisper Song),” and “Get Low” with Lil Jon were in regular rotation on radio in the early 2000’s, but apparently times are not as great for at least one half of the duo.

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TMZ reports that group member D-Roc at on point was pulling in $19,000/month and as a result he was paying out $2,500/month to his daughter’s mother for child support. Fast forward to November 2013 and D-Roc now claims he is only making $2,860 every month.

Roc filed legal papers in Georgia asking that his child support payments be lowered to reflect his current income. His reduction request was answered, and he is now required to pay $550 a month.

The Ying Yang twins announced on Twitter last year that they had signed with Epic Records. The Atlanta-based group was expected to drop their sixth album All Around The World this year. They released the mixtape Ass In Session this past summer, but their last official LP was 2009’s Ying Yang Forever.

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11 Responses to “D-Roc Of Ying Yang Twins Seeks Help With Unaffordable Child Support Payments”

  1. PhilTheGreat

    It’s crazy, because I feel like raising a kid doesn’t cost near as much as they charge for child support. With what they charge for child support it seems men can barely live, let alone save anything for a child’s future. Just be mindful of who you have kids and relationships with cuz fk a 30-50% cut out of your paycheck monthly.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      they factor in keeping a roof over the kids head … but they dont factor in that father also needs one and he doesnt have anyone helping him with that lol …. but actually $550 a month aint that bad … ive seen much worse from dudes making MUCH less per month

  2. Sean Taylor

    I bet he still has a big azz ignorant looking chain and “iced” out watch.

    How can someone make $19K a week and now only make $2K a month? Niggaz stupid as sh*t not knowing how to invest but spends money on jewelry and cars that he bragged about on MTV cribs.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      when is the last time you heard a ying yang record lol they used to get as much play as future … sn i hope he takes notice cause im sure the same fate is awaiting him … that music aint timeless !! and they didnt have enuff hits to live like Mariah does for the rest of thier lives ………………

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      first off homie read carefully…. 19 a month not a week but its easy to go from 19 a month doing shows and radio interviews when you’re “hot”… now tell me when is the last time you heard them on the radio…. do you really think club promotors are tossing them top dollar today to rerun Whistle while you twerk?? thats how you go from 19 a month to 2K a month. Lastly you say “niggaz stupid as shit not knowing how to invest”…. so my response to that is NIGGA you ever heard a word of their interviews, trust me they cant even spell invest!!!!!!hahahahahahahahaha

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