Charlamagne Tha God Doesnt Think Drake Will Do The Breakfast Club, Hates Bound 2 Video + More

(AllHipHop News) Charlamagne Tha God is usually a man without a filter so when he is in a Ask Me Anything session from Reddit, the unexpected should be assumed. In his latest Reddit AMA session, the always loquacious radio personality discusses who he think will never do The Breakfast Club, his opinion on Kanye West’s new “Bound 2” video and more.

Always the critical voice, Charlamagne had no problem voicing his distaste for Kanye’s recently released music video for Yeezus‘ “Bound 2” featuring a half naked Kim Kardashian:

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Charlamagne also revealed that The Breakfast Club had an interview with epochal comedian Paul Mooney but it remained unaired due to Mooney’s subject matter:

we did an interview with Paul Mooney that he never aired because I respect people’s opinions but he just came off as very racist. I don’t mind you expressing your opinion but he just seemed very prejudice….

Charlamagne revealed that Busta Rhymes and Machine Gun Kelly were the only artists to ever approach him about something he said on air and repeatedly stated he believes Drake will never appear on the show but did state how he would greet the Toronto MC if he did:

I don’t think he would but the first thing I would say to him is “Good Morning Fair Lady”

Read Charalamagne’s full Reddit AMA session here.

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